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As an employee, both in Florida and Federally, you are afforded specific protections and guarantees. While Florida may be an “at-will” employment state, this does not exempt employers from the same guidelines against any form of discrimination.

Employment Discrimination Lawyers are here for you to ensure that your rights as a member of a protected group are upheld in your place of work and that you are treated fairly and with the respect that you deserve.

What Groups Are Protected Against Discrimination?

Along with the federal government, the state of Florida has laid out guidelines and regulations protecting certain groups of subjects and people from workplace discrimination. To name a few, these groups include an individual’s sex, age, race, religion, or disability status.

If you belong to one or more of these groups and you believe your employer has unfairly terminated your employment based on a discriminatory factor, there are a few measures you can take. First, contact the human resources department and report the unfair treatment. This will leave a written record of the incident or ongoing issue, which can be helpful later. If your workplace does not have a dedicated HR department, report the matter to your immediate superior. The critical factor in this step is to ensure the incident is recorded and preserved.

Next, contact a Florida Work Discrimination Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, and discuss the details of your unique situation. Discrimination law can be confusing and has many nuances only an experienced attorney will understand. This discussion will allow you peace of mind knowing that if you proceed with the complaint, it is founded, and you will have the support you need to continue.

What Results To Expect If Wrongfully Terminated

If you were indeed wrongfully terminated and the judge rules in your favor, there are several possible outcomes in the case. If you wish to return to work under the same employment, your employer will be compelled to allow you back. Along with this, other options include compensation for damages caused by the termination. Lost wages, emotional trauma, and even medical bills can be compensated depending on the situation you find yourself in.

Along with wrongful termination or discrimination, an attorney can help with many other work-related issues. If wages are incorrectly reported, you are missing overtime pay, or if there are any different number of concerns, contact Overtime Attorneys in Florida to discuss the details of your situation. It is essential to contact an attorney early in the process, and as early as you realize, there is something wrong.

As one of the Top-Rated Workplace Discrimination Lawyers & Law Firms in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Richard F. Hussey PA. is your best chance at recovering the damages you are entitled to after enduring issues the workplace. Sometimes the HR departments are not enough, or there may be no support for employees in the workplace. This is why Employment Discrimination Lawyers are here to help. For the assistance you need to get the compensation you deserve, call today for a free consultation and discuss your potential case.

Most cases brought are as a result of a wrongful termination or discrimination in employment. There are civil rights’ laws that overlap in the employment field and bar discriminatory hiring and firing practices by employers. There are also cases where an employer and employee have a written contract, and one-party breaches that contract.

What Does Employment “At-Will” Mean?

“At-will” employment means that an employer can hire and fire an employee for any or no reason. However, an employer is still bound by federal and state laws barring discrimination. Nor may an employee be fired for being a “whistle-blower”.

What Does Wrongful Termination Mean?

Wrongful termination means an employee has been terminated in violation of a state or federal law or constitution. It can also mean a termination that violates the terms of a contract.

Under What Circumstances Can I Bring A Claim For Discrimination Against My Former Or Current Employer?

Discrimination cases require proof that the employer discriminated against an employee in violation of a protected civil right. In other words, some adverse employment action was taken, such as termination, demotion, or failure to hire, due to an employer discriminating against the employee because of her race, age, sex, national origin, etc. If the employer had a legitimate business reason for the employment action, a discrimination claim is much more difficult to pursue.

If I Was Fired And I Bring A Lawsuit For Discrimination, What Kind Of Damages Can I Expect If I Win?

If you win a discrimination case, you are entitled to compensatory damages, similar to those awarded in a personal injury case. You may also be entitled to statutory damages or punitive damages, if the action is especially egregious.

I Was Fired From My Job And Given A Severance Package ,Can I Still Bring A Claim?

Probably not. If you accepted a severance package, you typically would have also signed an agreement to accept that severance in exchange for giving up your right to pursue a claim. However, if you are in this circumstance, a lawyer could review whatever paperwork you signed and advise whether you still may bring a claim. The better practice, however, would be to consult with a lawyer before you accept a severance or sign any documents.

What Makes Your Firm Particularly Suited To Handle Employment Law Cases?

My firm has been handling these types of cases since 1990. With this experience, we are particularly well-suited to handle your claim properly and efficiently and to maximize your recovery.

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